Books I Love: Mental Health Edition

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So, confession time: I am SO OBSESSED with ModCloth. They’re a cute little site best known for their mod/retro/indie clothing (which I’m sure is a long future post), but my favorite section to browse through (besides the dresses…) are the books. They have so many (!!), and they’re all quirky and super entertaining. Since I’m big on focusing on emotional and mental health right now, I’m here to share a few of my favorite well-being books from the site.

The one above is the Gaining Perspective Journal, a journal filled with blank pages and inspiring quotes and pictures to keep your imagination working. I don’t know about you, but I love journaling. I love the idea of being able to look back at all the seasons of your life and see how you’ve grown, changed, and even how you’ve stayed the same.  I wish I did it more. I’m one of those people that just wants to capture everything in a journal (which I know is ridiculous, but hey, I’m a slave to sentimentality).  Sadly, I definitely don’t journal as much as I want to. Usually, I journal when I have negative emotions to get out, and then get hung up on those which is so NOT the point of journaling. I think this book would definitely help me to keep myself more on the positive side.

2. It’s Gonna Be Okay Journal


This is an adorable and colorful journal filled with quotes to inspire you. You just find a quote that speaks to you on whatever day you’re writing on, date the blank journal page next to it, and start writing! It’s supposed to help you find some ‘inner truth’, which I think is really cool. I’ve been having a lot of those overwhelming days lately, and this would be awesome to have on hand.

3. You Are Good At Things


This book is a funny pick-me up and confidence booster. It’s a giant checklist of things you might just be a total wiz at. Some examples include: Sensing how many sheets of paper a stapler can handle, noticing new haircuts, knowing the official names for all the pasta shapes, and knowing whether flowing, all-white outfits indicate cult membership or a fashion preference. Check, check, check, and…um…

4. Collected Quotations


Aside from having a gorgeous cover, this is a sweet book of inspiring quotes categorized into sections like movies, friends & family, literary quotes. There’s even a section for you to write your own favorites!

5. Personal Assistant Organizer


The wonderfully cynical personal assistant. What’s better for mental health than organization? Once you open it up, it features a small accordion portfolio for you to put your, well, crap in. You can choose whether that crap is total crap or the same old crap and file accordingly. On the other side, there is a to-do list entitled “Endless Crap” with a small section at the bottom for “Even More Crap”. I love this! It’s perfect for my stressed out cynical self. They carry another (very cute bird themed) organizer that comes with to-do lists and sticky notes here, but I adore the crap themed one.

That’s it for today, but I have trillions more books to post about in the future.


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